Onboard Company

Integrate Tech-Stack

Gap Analysis & Remediation

Pass Audit


Customized SOC 2 Controls

Receive a list of controls customized to your organization.

Security Awareness Training

Maintain personnel-compliance training readiness.

Automated Evidence Collection

Collect evidence automatically verified for key audit standards.

Custom Policy Generator

Tune & align policies and procedures with our auditor-approved policy templates.

Automated Control Monitoring

Monitor your controls 24/7 and be alerted immediately when there is non-compliance.

Agile Audit Management

Manage your audit with your chosen auditor inside Scytale.

HR Compliance Management Automation

Tune & align policies and procedures with HIPAA aligned policy templates.

Vendors Risk Management

Manage vendor security assessments easily and track their compliance.

Chat to an Expert

Ask any questions to your dedicated advisory team through the in-app chat.

Risk Assessment

Identify and remediate any security gaps with our automated risk assessment.

Your Trusted
Compliance Partner

SOC 2 Readiness

Our experts will guide you step-by-step of the compliance process and fully prepare you for your audit.

Customized Advisory

We provide ongoing guidance tailored to each customer to build a strong information security system.

Hands-Free Audit

We take over full management of your audit process with your chosen auditor.

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