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Sales Manager

Scytale is seeking an experienced Sales Manager to oversee our outbound demand generation sales activity. This role is critical in assuring the ongoing flow of demand generation and the success of our sales team. The role includes strategizing and executing GTM efforts, managing the day-to-day operations, ensuring that the team’s activities align with our sales targets, and providing expert guidance on cold outreach strategies. Reporting directly to the Director of Global Sales, you’ll lead a team of SDRs, driving sales-qualified leads to contribute significantly to Scytale’s revenue growth.

Responsibilities – What you’ll be doing

  • Manage and mentor a team of 8 SDRs, overseeing their daily activities and ensuring alignment with sales targets.
  • Develop and implement strategies for identifying and pursuing sales opportunities, focusing on optimizing outbound efforts.
  • Provide hands-on guidance on cold outreach techniques, ensuring the team utilizes best practices for engaging potential clients.
  • Collaborate closely with the marketing, product, and sales teams to align strategies and share market feedback.
  • Monitor and manage the team’s sales pipeline, ensuring efficient progression of leads and achievement of monthly sales qualified lead targets.
  • Conduct regular training sessions to enhance the team’s skills and knowledge of Scytale’s products and sales strategies.
  • Utilize HubSpot CRM to track sales activities, monitor team performance, and provide timely reports to senior management.
  • Stay informed on industry trends and the competitive landscape to adjust strategies and tactics accordingly.

Basic Requirements – Does this describe you?

  • 2+ years of proven experience in SDR/BDR or B2B sales roles within a SaaS or tech environment, with at least 1 year in a leadership position.
  • Demonstrated ability to lead and motivate a sales team towards achieving sales targets.
  • Strong understanding of sales processes and strategies, especially in outbound lead generation.
  • Experience with sales technology stacks and proficiency in using CRM tools like HubSpot.
  • Exceptional verbal, written, and interpersonal communication skills.
  • Fluent English speaker, with additional European languages considered a benefit.
  • Organized, process-oriented, and capable of managing multiple tasks and opportunities.
  • Ability to thrive in a fast-paced, evolving startup environment.
  • Team player with high energy, transparency, and excellent relationship management skills.

Sales Outreach Simulation Task

As part of our interview process, you will participate in a sales simulation exercise designed to evaluate your sales and outreach skills. In this simulation, you will be making a cold call to a prospective client (impersonated by the interviewer) to demonstrate your ability to engage effectively, identify their needs, and articulate how Scytale’s solutions can address those needs.

What you are expected to do:

  • Engage the Prospect: Open the conversation in a way that captures the prospect’s interest and establishes a connection.
  • Identify Needs: Ask insightful questions to uncover the prospect’s business challenges or opportunities.
  • Present Solutions: Clearly articulate how Scytale’s offerings can solve the identified problems or capitalize on opportunities.
  • Handle Objections: Demonstrate your ability to address and over come any objections or concerns the prospect might have.
  • Close or Follow-Up: Aim to advance the prospect to the next stage in the sales process -a scheduled meeting with an Account Executive.

Preparation guidelines:

  • Deep Dive into Scytale’s Solutions: Spend time on our website and use available resources to gain a thorough understanding of Scytale’s products, their features, and benefits. Pays special attention to case studies or success stories that illustrate how our solutions address specific business challenges.
  • Understand the Market and Customer Pain Points: Familiarize yourself with the common challenges and needs within the industries we target. This will help you to ask relevant questions and tailor your solutions effectively during the call.
  • Outline Your Call Flow: Based on the expectations outlined above, be prepared with a structured call flow that includes.
  • Practice Adapting Your Approach: While you should come prepared with a structured flow, also practice how you might adapt your approach based on the responses you receive, demonstrating flexibility and responsiveness.

These guidelines are designed to help you thoroughly prepare for the simulation, ensuring you can confidently articulate the value of Scytale’s solutions and effectively engage with the prospect.

Who we are:

Scytale is a SaaS startup that helps other SaaS companies get compliant and stay compliant with security frameworks like SOC 2, ISO 27001, GDPR and HIPAA so they can prove to their prospective customers that it’s safe to work with them.

Scytale is backed by VAT IT Group, which serves over 18,000 customers worldwide, including numerous Fortune 500 companies for more than 22 years.

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