Making Security Compliance Super Simple

Our team of compliance experts knows the information security realm inside and out, with years of audit experience. 

But how did it all start? Well, we were not oblivious to the fact that compliance is not fun. Actually, quite the opposite. It is tiresome, administrative and lengthy, especially for fast-paced SaaS companies. Basically, it just really sucks.

We knew with our expertise and passion, that we could totally transform the way SaaS companies deal with compliance, and through carefully designed and next-generation compliance automation technology, we’ve managed to completely change the game.

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  • Arik Metzer Chief Privacy Officer, ArborKnot

    Scytale provides an automated solution that simplifies the complicated and time-consuming tasks of compliance.

  • Tal Bar David CEO, Complyt

    Adopting SOC 2 automation with Scytale is the right way to go. Scytale puts your product in compliance very easily.

  • Omer Rimoch - CTO PayEm

    Omer Rimoch CTO PayEm

    Scytale exceeded our expectations. We continued operating as normal during our audit preparation. Our SOC 2 workflows were super organized, which made it the smoothest process we could have asked for. Scytale is the perfect combination of technology and advisory.

  • Yaron Lavi - CTO, Deel

    Yaron Lavi CTO, Deel

    Our SOC 2 audit preparation was smooth sailing. Scytale streamlined the process by providing expert-driven technology. They shared valuable insights about our security systems so we can better protect our customers’ data.

  • Tal Kollender - CEO, GYTPOL

    Tal Kollender CEO, GYTPOL

    We couldn’t have undergone our SOC 2 audit without Scytale. Their team and smart automation made the process simple and timesaving. We gained valuable knowledge about our security systems and had fun working together.

  • Shiran Bardugo - Director of DevSecOps, Polar Security

    Shiran Bardugo Director of DevSecOps, Polar Security

    In the past, I did the SOC 2 process alone, manually collecting evidence and reviewing policies, which was a disaster. Now with Scytale, getting SOC 2 compliant is super simple, quick and easy to manage.

  • Gal Nakash - Co-founder and CTO, RecoLabs

    Gal Nakash Co-founder and CTO, RecoLabs

    Scytale took 95% of the SOC 2 compliance workload off my shoulders. It was a great partnership right from the kickoff meeting!

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