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The podcast that breaks down security compliance into bite-size pieces, empowering compliance leaders everywhere to navigate this beast.

Listen in as we unravel together the complexities of frameworks like SOC 2, ISO 27001, HIPAA, PCI DSS, GDPR and more, and dive into the era of compliance automation.

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Alon Zlatkin, CEO of DOTS, discusses the journey of building a startup and the importance of trust and credibility in the industry.
Pen testers, Nik and Beni, discuss the world of pen testing, the role of psychology in pen testing, and the use of AI in the field.
Tracy Boyes discusses her journey into data privacy, the challenges of GDPR compliance, technological advances in data privacy, and more.
Raymond Cheng, a seasoned cybersecurity expert, covers balancing business goals with compliance, auditors, and tips for successful audits.
Tali Simhayev, an experienced IT consultant and EY Israel auditor, talks about humanizing security audits
In this episode, we have a special guest, Baruch Oxman, the CTO and co-founder of Honeydew.
Moshe Ferber, a compliance and security expert shares how a company should go about cloud security implementation.
Vasanth Madhure discusses how compliance is no longer optional but rather mandatory in our digital world.
Alex Thomas discusses his experiences from being hacked, to becoming a professional hacker.
David Cross discusses his initial interest in cloud security and becoming the Senior Vice President and CISO for Oracle SaaS Cloud Security.
Listen in as Alexander Tilkin explains why it is necessary to get and stay compliant when dealing with US tax and financial regulations.
Yudit Moldavsky shares her experiences working as a woman in compliance and why daily risk assessments are critical to ensuring compliance!
Alon Nachmany, a seasoned vet in the cybersecurity space that spans over 20 years, brings a unique perspective to compliance and cybersecurity.
Roland Cloutier discusses his transition from enforcing the law to becoming the GCSO of TikTok.
Discover the importance of zero-trust security with Patrick Henz in Episode 3 of the Scytale podcast.
Episode 2 of the Scytale podcast features Dave Hatter discussing cybersecurity in a post-pandemic world.
Learn from compliance expert, Tom Fox in Episode 1 of the Scytale podcast. Discover insider tips and tricks for staying compliant.


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