Eliminate GDPR heavy-lifting with streamlined compliance!

Onboard Company

Map All Company Processes that Include PII

Gap Analysis and Remediation

Implement All Security and Privacy Policies

GDPR Risk Assessment



No more stressing over demanding GDPR requirements and lengthy processes

Establishment of GDPR principles

Receive expert guidance on implementing all GDPR principles correctly

Map all PII Processes

Record all PII processing activities in your organization with your dedicated compliance expert

GDPR Risk Assessment

Identify and remediate and security and privacy gaps with our automated risk assessment

GDPR Awareness

Maintain personnel-compliance training readiness

Automated Evidence Collection

Collect evidence automatically verified for key GDPR requirements

Automated Control Monitoring

Monitor GDPR principles 24/7 and be alerted immediately when there is non-compliance

Custom Policy Builder

Tune and align policies and procedures with our GDPR-approved policy templates

Vendor Risk Management

Manage vendor security and privacy assessments easily and track compliance

Chat to an Expert

Get immediate and personalized support through the in-app chat

Your Trusted
Compliance Partner

We know your head is spinning from all the overwhelming GDPR requirements and manual compliance tasks, so why not change that? Seriously – why waste SO MUCH time trying to figure out all the confusing GDPR terms and requirements when you can get compliant easily with our automated compliance platform and team of compliance experts that walk you through the process? We are talking about personalized compliance guidance and hands-on project support, until you’re officially GDPR compliant!

With everything you need right in Scytale, you can say goodbye to all those GDPR pains and focus on growing your business!

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