Get compliant and stay compliant with the ultimate compliance automation platform.

  • Streamline your entire compliance journey
  • Get audit-ready 90% faster
  • Ensure security across your organization
  • Boost customer trust
  • Close deals faster
  • Grow your company faster
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  • Arik Metzer Chief Privacy Officer, ArborKnot

    Scytale provides an automated solution that simplifies the complicated and time-consuming tasks of compliance.

  • Tal Bar David CEO, Complyt

    Adopting SOC 2 automation with Scytale is the right way to go. Scytale puts your product in compliance very easily.

  • Omer Rimoch - CTO PayEm

    Omer Rimoch CTO PayEm

    Scytale exceeded our expectations. We continued operating as normal during our audit preparation. Our SOC 2 workflows were super organized, which made it the smoothest process we could have asked for. Scytale is the perfect combination of technology and advisory.

  • Yaron Lavi - CTO, Deel

    Yaron Lavi CTO, Deel

    Our SOC 2 audit preparation was smooth sailing. Scytale streamlined the process by providing expert-driven technology. They shared valuable insights about our security systems so we can better protect our customers’ data.

  • Tal Kollender - CEO, GYTPOL

    Tal Kollender CEO, GYTPOL

    We couldn’t have undergone our SOC 2 audit without Scytale. Their team and smart automation made the process simple and timesaving. We gained valuable knowledge about our security systems and had fun working together.

  • Shiran Bardugo - Director of DevSecOps, Polar Security

    Shiran Bardugo Director of DevSecOps, Polar Security

    In the past, I did the SOC 2 process alone, manually collecting evidence and reviewing policies, which was a disaster. Now with Scytale, getting SOC 2 compliant is super simple, quick and easy to manage.

  • Gal Nakash - Co-founder and CTO, RecoLabs

    Gal Nakash Co-founder and CTO, RecoLabs

    Scytale took 95% of the SOC 2 compliance workload off my shoulders. It was a great partnership right from the kickoff meeting!

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