“The system is easy to use, and the automated integrations save plenty of time. But the best feature by far is the team – you know you’re being taken care of. The team is available for any questions, small and big. Partnering with Scytale for our compliance journey was the secret sauce to getting us there in record-breaking time.”

Yahel G.

Head of Operations, Computer Software

“Not only does their platform make it really easy to divide tasks between the team, the service they offer as part of the license makes you feel like you have your own compliance team.”

Bradley A.

Co-Founder, Insurance

“Before Scytale, we were running around like headless chickens trying to gather long-gone evidence. Our evidence was all over the place, and we often had to dig deep into unreadable archives to find what we needed. Once we had Scytale integrations up and running, critical evidence auto-collected itself.”

Maayan N.

Manager of Operations, Computer Software

“Working with the Scytale system was an accelerator for our company. It helped us to stay focused on the SOC 2 requests and pass the examination much faster than expected. We continue to use Scytale as a passive auditor on internal operations.”

Paz D.

CTO, Information Technology and Services

“All requirements for the audit is included in their tool. The biggest benefit is that their technology automates prior manual processes. Our dedicated Compliance Success Manager guided us each step of the way, making the process super uncomplicated.”

Eyal T.

Software Engineer, Computer Software

“Great compliance experts keep helping us even beyond the audit. Simple to use product too. As a CEO, Scytale helped me to keep business as usual and automate major parts of the SOC 2 process, saving our team hundreds of hours on manual audit-related tasks.”

Maya C.

Co founder & CEO, Financial Services