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Finding a Secureframe Alternative

Navigating the security and compliance SaaS landscape involves considering factors like industry, vendor volume, budget, and specific needs. Secureframe, an automation platform for risk and compliance, covers SOC 2 to GDPR compliance. It addresses IT vulnerabilities, evaluates vendor risks, conducts employee security training, and streamlines audit evidence collection.

However, Secureframe may not be the perfect fit for every organization. Whether you prioritize accessibility, affordability, user ratings, or cost-effectiveness, alternative solutions might better suit your needs.

features of a Secureframe replacement

Secureframe, a maestro of compliance, orchestrates the symphony of risk management and security automation. But every orchestra has its distinct instruments. Let’s unravel the alternatives, finding the composition that resonates with your business. Navigate the compliance landscape with these key features in mind.

Tailor-Made Compliance Frameworks

Look for platforms that sculpt themselves to your security frameworks—SOC 2, GDPR, ISO 27001, HIPAA, PCI DSS. It’s about finding a tailored suit in a world of off-the-rack solutions.

Automation Mastery

Choose a compliance solution that masters the art of automation. Think automated evidence collection, risk assessments, and streamlined security questionnaires—an ensemble of efficiency.

Real-Time Operations

Continuous scanning and reporting set the stage for your compliance, always ready for the spotlight.

Seamless Integrations

Seek alternatives that smoothly integrate with your particular tech repertoire.

User-Friendly Design

An intuitive and user-friendly interface turns compliance into a dance everyone follows, accelerating your journey to value.

Secureframe’s top features

Explore more than 200 integrations

Measure compliance progress directly on the dashboard

Make use of integrated employee training

Make risk assessments automated processes

Secureframe vs Scytale:
Why a secureframe alternative?

Secureframe is a popular compliance platform, but according to G2 customer reviews, it’s not without its limitations. However, those same limitations are areas in which Scytale shines.


Limited continuous compliance

Secureframe has limited customized and ongoing monitoring of your compliance controls.

Some requirement loopholes Secureframe at first may seem to be a complete compliance solution but in reality has some gaps in the solutions it offers.

More time-intensive audit process

Secureframe does not offer the same solution as Scytale’s Built-In Audit. This means that there will still be many manual, back-and-forth processes involving your auditor.

Limited human support

Customer support is often not well-versed in the technical aspects of processes.


Ongoing compliance 

Continuous control monitoring, ongoing compliance management of risk assessment and compliance status and notification center for ongoing monitoring.

Complete compliance solution

Scytale provides everything you need to get and stay compliant including all major compliance automation features, as well as penetration testing and AI security questionnaires.

Built-In Audit

Scytale’s Built-In Audit enables you to easily track your audit progress, receive updates in real-time, communicate with your auditor, and get a first-hand look at your audit management process.

Dedicated expert in your corner

With Scytale, you get a dedicated compliance expert, leading you from start to finish of your compliance process.

Compliance Efficiency with Scytale

In the realm of compliance and risk management, Scytale emerges as a top contender against Secureframe.

Through the utilization of automation process oversight and meticulous risk assessment, Scytale realizes continuous audit preparedness across diverse frameworks.

Boasting extensive integrations and cutting-edge security features, Scytale doesn’t just ease administrative loads; it also restores precious time for businesses, ushering in an era where concerns about security and compliance are relegated to history.


More than a dozen security and privacy frameworks


SOC 2 Badge

Automate your audit-readiness process and boost customer trust by complying with the AICPA's Trust Services Criteria.

ISO 27001

ISO 27001 Badge

Meet the international gold standard and build your information security management system (ISMS) by streamlining compliance.



Make sure you're securing payments and cardholder data correctly with smooth-sailing PCI DSS compliance.



Ensure you're storing, managing and transferring protected health information (PHI) securely and automate your HIPAA compliance.


GDPR Badge

Comply with the European regulation on privacy and data protection by streamlining your compliance journey.


ccpa scytale

Meet data privacy law stress-free with technology that accelerates your compliance processes.

Scytale's Revolutionary Approach to Automation and Security Assurance

Scytale isn’t content with the status quo—it’s rewriting the rules of compliance. Acknowledging the inherent drag of compliance, especially for fast-paced SaaS businesses, Scytale transforms complexity into a seamless process. Let’s be real, compliance has been nothing short of a persistent headache.

Here’s the twist Scytale brings to this compliance dance:

Streamlined by Automation Technology

Scytale’s automation software was built by industry veterans and is your fully-packed compliance solution, enabling fast-paced companies to easily integrate their entire technology infrastructure and immediately start automatically collecting evidence and monitoring their controls 24/7. It’s simple: Scytale has everything you need to get compliant and stay compliant in frameworks and regulations, such as SOC 2, ISO 27001 and GDPR, including key features like vendor risk management, policy center, automated user-access reviews, multi-framework cross-mapping and much more.

Dedicated Compliance EXPERTS

Every customer benefits from a designated compliance expert, serving as a knowledgeable guide and primary contact for every step in their compliance project. Your dedicated compliance expert provides hands-on support, leading you through literally every audit requirement and ensuring you ace that audit.

World class compliance experts