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How to Find a Sprinto Alternative

Sprinto isn’t your average compliance tool—it’s the wizard behind the curtain, automating tasks you never want to deal with manually. From paperwork nightmares to seamless integrations, Sprinto’s got your back.

But, before you sprint into Sprinto, consider this: the world of compliance software is buzzing with more suitable options. So, let’s explore the alternatives and find the right compliance automation partner that fits your business stride.

Sprinto replacement
feature checklist

Sprinto knows its way around risk management and security automation. But let’s find the Sprinto alternative that resonates with your business melody. Consider these factors when scouting for Sprinto alternatives:

Tailored Compliance Frameworks

Look for platforms that align with your security and privacy frameworks—SOC 2, GDPR, ISO 27001, HIPAA, PCI DSS. It’s like finding a partner who knows all the right moves.

Efficient Automation Capabilities

Choose a compliance solution that automates evidence collection, risk assessments, and security questionnaires—a symphony of efficiency.

Continuous Monitoring and Reporting

Prioritize Sprinto alternatives that operate in real-time. Continuous scanning and reporting ensure your compliance is always ready for the grand audit stage.

Smooth Integrations

Seek alternatives that integrate seamlessly with your existing technology infrastructure so you can leverage all the benefits of the compliance tool.

User-Friendly Interface

Opt for a platform that’s easy to navigate. An intuitive and user-friendly interface makes compliance a dance everyone enjoys, accelerating your journey to value.

Expert Support

Deeply consider automation solutions that come with hands-on expert support to help you navigate through the platform and your entire compliance process.

Sprinto’s top features

Sprinto isn’t an industry favorite for no reason. The features that Sprinto have on offer pack a decent punch:

Supports more than 12 security frameworks, including CMMC, PIPEDA, and FedRamp

Get access to security and compliance expert insights when needed

Audit partners from India, the UK, the US, and Israel offer valuable regional insights

Sprinto vs. Scytale
Why you may want to consider a Sprinto alternative

Sprinto’s rise since its inception in 2020 isn’t based on hollow promises. The platform does simplify compliance and improve security frameworks. But that doesn’t mean the platform is without its gaps. And, based on G2 customer reviews, Sprinto’s shortcomings are areas in which Scytale excel.


Ongoing compliance limited

Sprinto has limited takes on customized and ongoing monitoring of compliance status and risks.

Missing compliance needs

While Sprinto has many solutions and features included in its platform, it is not the full comprehensive compliance hub.

More lengthy audit processes

With Sprinto, you won’t have the same benefit of leveraging Scytale’s Built-In Audit solution. There will still be some external, back-and-forth processes involving your auditor.

Limited human support

Lack of resources and hands-on training material.


Ongoing compliance 

Customized and automated compliance monitoring, ongoing management of risk assessment and compliance level.

Complete compliance hub

Scytale provides everything you need to get and stay compliant including all automation functions, penetration testing and AI security questionnaires.

Built-In Audit

Scytale’s Built-In Audit enables customers to track their audit progress, receive updates in real-time, communicate with their auditor, and get a first-hand look at their audit process.

Dedicated expert in your corner

With Scytale, you get a dedicated compliance expert, leading you from start to finish of your project.

Effortless Compliance with Scytale

In the landscape of compliance and risk management, Scytale takes the spotlight as a formidable Sprinto replacement. Employing automation for compliance implementation and monitoring, Scytale promises unwavering audit preparedness across an array of frameworks.

Backed by a rich tapestry of integrations and sophisticated security features, Scytale transcends the mere alleviation of administrative tasks; it liberates valuable time for businesses, ushering in a future where worries about security and compliance become relics of the past.


More than a dozen security and privacy frameworks


SOC 2 Badge

Automate your audit-readiness process and boost customer trust by complying with the AICPA's Trust Services Criteria.

ISO 27001

ISO 27001 Badge

Meet the international gold standard and build your information security management system (ISMS) by streamlining compliance.



Make sure you're securing payments and cardholder data correctly with smooth-sailing PCI DSS compliance.



Ensure you're storing, managing and transferring protected health information (PHI) securely and automate your HIPAA compliance.


GDPR Badge

Comply with the European regulation on privacy and data protection by streamlining your compliance journey.


ccpa scytale

Meet data privacy law stress-free with technology that accelerates your compliance processes.

Elevating Compliance:
The Scytale Difference in Automation

Scytale doesn’t settle for the ordinary—it’s a game-changer in compliance. Recognizing the drag that compliance can be, especially in the fast-paced world of SaaS, Scytale transforms the administrative labyrinth into a streamlined experience. Let’s be honest, compliance has been a headache for too long.

Streamlined by Automation Technology

Scytale’s automation platform was built by industry experts and is your fully-packed compliance hub, enabling customers to easily integrate their entire technology stack and start automatically collecting evidence and monitoring their controls. Scytale has everything you need to get compliant in frameworks and regulations, such as SOC 2, ISO 27001 and GDPR, including key features like security awareness training, policy center, automated user-access reviews and much more.

Guided by Dedicated Compliance EXPERTS

Each client gets the support of a dedicated compliance expert, acting as a knowledgeable guide and primary point of contact from beginning to end of your compliance project. Access the expertise of compliance professionals throughout your compliance project and beyond that, ensuring continuous assistance beyond specific audit periods. Embrace weekly one-on-one calls with your dedicated compliance expert, providing consistent check-ins and guidance on incremental steps crucial for a successful compliance journey.

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