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How Deel Took Their Information Security Compliance To The Next Level With Scytale

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Yaron Lavi
CTO, Deel

Our SOC 2 audit preparation was smooth sailing. Scytale streamlined the process by providing expert-driven technology. They shared valuable insights about our security systems so we can better protect our customers’ data.


Deel wanted to double down on ensuring customer data protection by complying with the globally-recognized information security standard, SOC 2. Getting SOC 2 compliant was a way to elevate trust with their customers and prospects, as well as advance their security across all areas, including HR, operations and systems. Deel knew that SOC 2 would demand an enormous amount of preparation, dedication and time from their team, and so, in order to ensure that day-to-day work process could continue running as usual and that company growth would not be negatively affected, they turned to Scytale to help them streamline the SOC 2 compliance process.

THE solution

Preparation support

The combination of Scytale’s automated SOC 2 compliance platform and dedicated team of experts assisted with all SOC 2 preparation and ensured all action items were completed, sufficient and collected. This included an in-depth gap analysis, vendors risk assessment, employee security awareness training, ensuring correct policies and procedures are in order, internal audit, and more.

Reducing the SOC 2 burden

SOC 2 workloads were all consolidated in Scytale’s audit management technology, and being able to track tasks and workflow statuses reduced the burden significantly for Deel. Partnering with SOC 2 specialists, with the expertise and technology to reduce the cumbersome workloads, made the compliance process super easy and significantly quicker than expected.

Letting technology drive compliance

Scytale’s automated SOC 2 compliance platform accelerated Deel’s SOC 2 readiness big time. Not having to manually collect and organize evidence and other documentation, saved them tons of time and energy, and made the compliance process totally painless.


End results