How GYTPOL Got Compliant 3X Faster With Scytale’s SOC 2 Audit Readiness Platform

GYTPOL is a next generation security solution that prevents cybersecurity breaches of all devices using hacker logic, continuous monitoring and automated remediation with no impact.

Tal Kollender


We couldn’t have undergone our SOC 2 audit without Scytale. Their team and smart automation made the process simple and timesaving. We gained valuable knowledge about our security systems and had fun working together.


Impact on growth

The GYTPOL team knew that SOC 2 consumes months of commitment and requires a great deal of work. GYTPOL CEO, Tal Kollender, explained that as a startup, they feared that the SOC 2 project would cause delays in product development and therefore, delays in growth.

Complicated process

For anyone tackling SOC 2 for the first time, the preparation process is super overwhelming and beyond confusing. As a SOC 2 first-timer, GYTPOL needed InfoSec professionals to advise them on exactly what they needed and ensure their security standards were in line with SOC 2.

Sales roadblock

GYTPOL knew that until they had a SOC 2 report in hand to share with prospects, they were at risk of losing important deals. They also knew that their market position would be less competitive without SOC 2.

Proof of information security

As a cybersecurity solution, it is crucial that GYTPOL is able to demonstrate their own high level of information security to their customers, prospects and partners.

THE solution

Security management

Scytale’s automated SOC 2 compliance platform massively streamlined the SOC 2 process for GYTPOL as it enabled the team to easily track the status of tasks and manage security processes and procedures automatically.

Superb advisory team

Scytale’s dedicated team of experts supported the GYTPOL team through each and every step of the SOC 2 readiness and audit processes, and were extremely patient and eager to help.

Streamlined compliance

The platform automatically collected all evidence, meaning there was no need for any manual collection of screenshots and spreadsheets, which saved the GYTPOL team loads of time.

Unbelievably fast

Tackling SOC 2 with automation and expert advisory, meant GYTPOL could maintain business as usual, and avoid any disruption to daily operations, which saved them hundreds of hours.


End results