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Marina Zesty

Marina Vinokurov

Program Manager, Zesty

Scytale’s automation tool was exactly what we were looking for in order to make our SOC 2 efforts as fast and simple as possible.


Not knowing where to start

With no prior experience in SOC 2 compliance and no inhouse compliance or security manager, Zesty didn’t have the knowledge and expertise to tackle SOC 2 by themselves, unsure of the process and in need of experts to be guided in the right direction

A lengthy and demanding process

Zesty soon realized the amount of time and work that SOC 2 requires and due to their rapidly growing business, they wanted to succeed in their SOC 2 audit in the shortest possible time frame.

Barriers in US sales

With so many potential customers, especially from the US, requesting a SOC 2 report before doing business with Zesty, expanding in new global markets was challenging.

Over 200 security requirements to implement!

Zesty’s team felt overwhelmed and confused with the heaps of detailed SOC 2 requirements that need to be thoroughly understood, in order to be fully prepared and on track for a successful audit.


Analysis of current security posture

Scytale provided Zesty with an expert estimation of where their security systems and practices stand and what actions need to be taken in order to fulfill SOC 2 standards.

Simplifying confusing SOC 2 processes

Scytale broke down all the complex SOC 2 nuances and led Zesty step-by-step of the SOC 2 audit-readiness process.

Automation and workflow management tool

Scytale’s compliance automation tool enabled Zesty to easily collaborate and manage responsibilities with team members, enjoy the ease of automated evidence collection and continuous monitoring of controls.

An all-in-one solution

Between a dedicated compliance team and automation technology, Scytale covered all the SOC 2 must-haves with Zesty, including a customized controls list, risk assessment, vendor risk management and security awareness training.


End results