From Prep to Pass, Scytale Launches Its Built-In Audit, Transforming It Into The Complete Compliance Hub for SaaS

March 6, 2024

For SaaS companies, it’s hard not to hear the word ‘audit’, without your heart skipping a beat or two. Finding the best audit firm for your company’s culture and tech stack, hundreds of back-and-forth requests, and manually collecting and sharing evidence, takes up so much valuable time and resources. Let’s just be honest: audits are annoying. And so, we decided it was about time to make audits easier.

We are thrilled to announce our Built-In Audit, completely rewriting the way audits are carried out to certify your product with both rigor and speed. In a nutshell, the day you start working with Scytale, you won’t need to leave our platform for any steps in your compliance journey, as everything you need is right inside, including your official audit too. As we like to say in more simple terms: from prep to pass, we’re officially your fully-packed security compliance hub. This means that not only do we streamline your audit-readiness processes, but now, your official audit process too.

So how does it all work?

With our built-in audit:

  • We team you up with the perfect independent auditor on day #1, so you don’t have to take on this chore yourself. 
  • Your auditor understands how to work with SaaS companies and cloud-native environments, delivering the highest quality audits at the pace of your business.
  • You receive special bundle pricing for everything Scytale + your audit, being able to get compliant without draining resources.
  • Since our auditors know Scytale inside and out, customers can manage their audit with their auditor directly inside Scytale, cutting out the zigzagging communication in different places.
  • Auditors can create an open item that needs attention, allowing companies to get alerted immediately and easily address these comments.
  • You don’t need to scramble to send your auditor any evidence, as all your audit requirements are already in Scytale from your audit-readiness period.
  • Your entire compliance project is a well-oiled machine, as you receive your audit report in weeks, rather than months from your audit period end.


Eliminate Outdated, Manual Takes on Security Audits

Our compliance and audit management platform is your one solution for everything compliance. Our built-in audit enables customers to easily track their audit progress, receive updates in real-time, communicate with their auditor, and get a first-hand look at their audit management process straight inside Scytale. We help SaaS startups receive the highest quality audit reports, at the best value, in a fraction of the time.

Between automation technology that automates countless compliance requirements, a dedicated expert that walks you through every step (including the audit phase) until that ‘stamp of compliance’, and our built-in audit, our customers get to experience what smooth-sailing security compliance is.