Drata vs Vanta Compared: Similarities and Differences 

February 19, 2024

In today’s rapidly evolving information security landscape, organizations are increasingly turning to compliance automation solutions to streamline their processes and ensure adherence to complex compliance requirements. As the demand for efficient compliance management grows, companies such as Drata and Vanta have emerged as leaders in the field, offering innovative platforms designed to simplify and enhance the compliance journey. 

But how do Drata and Vanta compare to one another, and are either of them the right fit for your company? Let’s find out. 

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Understanding Compliance Automation: The Foundation of Drata vs Vanta

Compliance automation serves as the bedrock of companies like Drata and Vanta, offering a streamlined approach to navigating complex regulatory landscapes. This innovative practice harnesses cutting-edge technology to revolutionize traditional compliance processes. Rather than relying on cumbersome manual checks and audits, compliance automation empowers organizations to automatically scan systems and infrastructure for compliance gaps and vulnerabilities, as well as automatically collect evidence for the audit.

By employing automation tools, businesses can manage their compliance processes and automatically collect evidence for their audit. Additionally, compliance automation monitors user access and activity to uphold principles such as the separation of duties and least privilege, while providing built-in remediation capabilities to swiftly address security issues. This proactive approach not only identifies sensitive data that may contravene security frameworks and  regulations like ISO 27001 or GDPR but also facilitates the necessary corrective actions to mitigate risks and maintain compliance.

One of the key advantages of compliance process automation is its ability to minimize the burden on employees, freeing up valuable time for security and compliance teams to focus on strategic initiatives. By offering automated processes and centralized visibility into your compliance status across the organization, these solutions enhance efficiency and accuracy while ensuring adherence to internal policies and external regulations. Ultimately, compliance automation enables organizations to navigate compliance requirements with ease.

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Benefits of Compliance Automation

The advantages of leveraging compliance automation solutions and tools encompass both qualitative and quantitative benefits, resulting in streamlined operations and enhanced organizational performance.

But which factors play the biggest role in finding a Drata or Vanta alternative? 

Enhanced Accuracy

According to Verizon’s 2022 Data Breaches report, human error contributes to 82% of data breaches. Compliance automation eliminates the uncertainty inherent in manual processes, such as policy implementation, thereby reducing error rates and increasing overall accuracy. By minimizing compliance violations and turnaround time for compliance requirements, organizations can bolster their operational efficiency and risk management capabilities.

Simplified Audit Processes

Traditional compliance processes are known to be complex, messy,  tedious, super time-consuming and admin-intensive. With automated compliance solutions, evidence collection becomes seamless and efficient. By streamlining the audit process, compliance automation tools enable organizations to demonstrate compliance with greater ease, thereby reducing audit-related stress and enhancing audit readiness.

Centralized Access Management

Compliance automation offers centralized controls for authorization and authentication, empowering organizations to effectively manage user identities, roles, and access permissions. This centralized approach enhances visibility and strengthens defenses against unauthorized access, ensuring robust security protocols are consistently enforced across the organization.

Real-Time Monitoring

Manually tracking compliance progress can be a resource-intensive task for organizational leaders. Compliance automation alleviates this burden by providing real-time visibility into your compliance status, enabling companies to ensure they’re always in a state of compliance. Automation tools enable organizations to make informed decisions and optimize resource allocation, ultimately driving efficiency and reliability throughout the compliance lifecycle.

Core Considerations in Choosing a Compliance Platform

When looking for a Drata and Vanta alternative, several core considerations should guide your decision-making process. From seamless integrations to robust reporting capabilities, each aspect plays a crucial role in ensuring the effectiveness and efficiency of your compliance management efforts. Here are key factors to consider:

Integration Flexibility

A fundamental aspect to consider when choosing a compliance platform is its compatibility with your company’s existing infrastructure and software ecosystem. The selected solution should seamlessly integrate with your current systems and future software plans.

Automatic Evidence Collection

Probably the biggest feature of automation tools is automatic evidence collection, eliminating the need to manually collect dozens of screenshots and spreadsheets yourself. When choosing a compliance automation solution, it is crucial to assess its automation features, specifically geared towards evidence collection.

User Access Management

Effective user access controls are essential for safeguarding sensitive information and ensuring compliance with data security like GDPR and HIPAA. Your automation tool should be able to automatically review user access.

Industry Specialization

Recognizing that different industries have unique compliance requirements, it’s crucial to select a compliance platform that caters to the specific regulations and/or security and privacy standards governing your organization’s sector. Look for features and functionalities tailored to your industry’s compliance needs.

When looking at Drata vs Vanta, you’re not merely considering costs, you’re looking at their ability to become the foundation of your compliance journey through its capabilities.

What is Drata?

Drata is a top-ranking compliance automation platform, helping companies get started on their security compliance, scale GRC, and enhance their security and compliance program. Drata continuously monitors and collects evidence of a company’s security controls, while streamlining compliance workflows end-to-end to ensure audit readiness.

What is Vanta?

Vanta is also a leading automated security monitoring and compliance platform, helping businesses get and stay compliant by continuously monitoring people, systems and tools to improve security posture. In a nutshell, Vanta automates the complex and time-consuming process of SOC 2, HIPAA, ISO 27001, PCI DSS, and GDPR compliance certification.

Supported Frameworks: A Comparative Overview of Drata vs Vanta

SOC 2, ISO 27001, 27701, 27017, 27018 HIPAA, GDPR, PCI DSS, CCPA, CMMC NIST AI RMF, Cyber Essentials, Microsoft SSPA, NIST CSF, NIST SP 800-53, NIST SP 800-171, FFIEC, CCM Custom Frameworks.SOC 2, ISO 27001, ISO 27017, PCI DSS, NIST CSF, NIST 800-53, NIST 800-171, FedRAMP, AWS FTR, MVSP, OFDSS, GDPR, HIPAA, CCPA, ISO 27701, ISO 27018, Microsoft SSPA, USDP, SOX ITGC, Cyber Essentials, Essential 8, Custom Frameworks

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What is the Top Drata and Vanta Alternative?

Powered by the expertise of dedicated compliance experts, Scytale tackles a myriad of compliance elements, from policy templates to security awareness training, ensuring constant audit readiness and the capability to accommodate over a dozen frameworks. 

This robust support, combined with an extensive array of integrations and advanced security features, not only minimizes administrative workloads but also allows companies to reclaim valuable time. With Scytale, concerns about security, risk, and compliance efforts are a thing of the past. 

Comprehensive Framework Support

Seamlessly align with over 15 frameworks, encompassing SOC 2, ISO 27001, HIPAA, GDPR, PCI-DSS compliance, and more, ensuring a versatile approach to compliance requirements.

Industry-Specific Solutions

Tailored solutions for various industries, business operations and use cases. Additionally, Scytale includes penetration testing.

Extensive Integrations

Foster streamlined compliance processes by integrating with a plethora of work tools such as GitHub, Slack, Google Workspace, Okta, and ClickUp, with an ever-expanding list of integrations to enhance workflow efficiency.

Automated Processes and Policy Generation

Empowers companies with automated control monitoring, evidence collection, and a custom policy generator, simplifying the compliance journey.

And that last point leads us to Scytale’s main strength: our ability to connect with your business, one-on-one, on your terms. 

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How Scytale Goes Beyond Mere Compliance Automation and Security Posture Assurance

Scytale ticks off all the boxes of a Vanta and Drata alternative. 

We’re not oblivious to the fact that compliance isn’t fun. Actually, it’s quite the opposite. It’s tiresome, administratively complex, and lengthy, especially for fast-paced SaaS companies. 

Basically, it just really sucks.

But what if expertise and smart technology could transform the way SaaS companies dealt with compliance? That’s the difference. And it starts with people. 

Compliance automation is so often seen as an impersonal function of operations. And you might say that that’s the whole point of automation, to cut out the role people play. But just because Scytale streamlines your processes doesn’t mean we’re not on this journey with you. 

Beyond a fully automated compliance tool, you get personalized guidance and 24/7 support from our dedicated compliance experts who help you make compliance a proactive and, most importantly, welcome part of your operational infrastructure. 

It starts with a tailored implementation discovery that helps you create a compliance ecosystem built around your needs. And it extends to weekly one-on-one meetings where you also get to pick the brain of a compliance expert on the issues and concerns you’re facing right now.