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Get Your Compliance Done Directly From Slack!

Mor Avni

Product Manager


Introducing the first ever compliance engine for Slack! 

Yes, you heard right! While on our mission to transform security compliance from pain-in-the-neck admin tasks to a super effortless environment, we kept thinking of how we could allow our customers to get audit-ready with less of the tedious and back-and-forth work involved. And that’s exactly why we have built our new game-changing feature that integrates our compliance management platform with Slack, creating completely seamless compliance!

Fully immersive security compliance

What if we said you don’t even need to access our compliance platform to complete tasks and that you can do it all from Slack? Sounds too good to be true, right? Well, we have now launched the ability to not only get notified through Slack when a new task needs your attention, but to also complete the task directly from the Slack channel. 

We understand the hassle of running after team members to get specific evidence, signed policies, endless documentation and the list goes on. So we found a way for everyone to complete their compliance responsibilities conveniently and trouble-free, without having to even interact with our platform. But rather simply from a tool that everyone in the organization is already using non-stop everyday.

You may still be wondering how this all works, and it’s the simplicity of the feature that is the real value. All team members need to do is upload the specific file via Slack and it will be automatically deployed to all the relevant audits & controls on our platform. Just like that. Pretty much anything you need to do in our compliance platform, you can now do straight from Slack throughout the day, in between chats with your colleagues! 

The Scytale compliance engine always works in the background, ensuring everything is optimized for speed and simplicity and most importantly, that your compliance is taken care of.

Making security compliance simple

Everything we do is with the purpose of making security compliance uncomplicated, fast and stress-free, through automation technology. Our Slack-integrated compliance enables easy evidence collection and quick completion of tasks, shifting your SOC 2 and ISO 27001 audit-readiness to a smooth-sailing process!

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