It’s Official, You Can Now Automate HIPAA Compliance With Scytale!

September 5, 2022

Need to be HIPAA compliant but tired of the lengthy and tiresome processes? We got big news for you!

We are so thrilled to announce that customers can now get HIPAA compliant through our compliance automation tool, enabling organizations to automate and centrally manage their workflows, complete their self-assessment and demonstrate HIPAA compliance to their customers!

Adding the HIPAA framework to our product means that we can now assist a wider scope of organizations to automate their relevant security compliance needs. We have already helped tons of SaaS companies streamline their SOC 2 and ISO 27001 compliance, and now we are ready to do the same with HIPAA compliance! 

Store or process PHI? You need to be HIPAA compliant!

HIPAA (The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) compliance is a federal law that regulates and safeguards protected health information (PHI) through a set of standards. Simply put, HIPAA is the health information police that is set out to protect any personal and identifiable information about a person’s health and how this information is stored, protected and shared. 

HIPAA compliance means that as an entity, you are aware of the HIPAA regulations and the rules that you’re subject to and have passed a HIPAA self-audit. However, if you violate HIPAA or if there’s even a suspicion of a breach, you will be subject to an official audit, accompanied by super costly fines!

HIPAA can take forever… but it doesn’t have to!

We know all about the complex HIPAA requirements, confusing terminology and truckloads of admin, taking up time and resources that rapidly growing businesses can’t afford to take on – or quite simply, don’t want to face! 

Automating HIPAA compliance with Scytale means an end to redundant evidence collection, towers of documentation, back-and-forth between team members and unorganized workflows. Everything you need to get HIPAA compliant is in our automation tool, including a custom policy generator, vendors risk management, employee HIPAA training and much more! Leave your compliance to our automation technology and dedicated advisory team, while you focus on day-to-day responsibilities and growing your business!