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Open Source Compliance Tool: How Developers Are Gauging Their Security Compliance Readiness

Mor Avni

Product Manager


Scytale’s mission is to help SaaS companies have a faster, simpler, and smarter compliance process. In addition, Scytale has launched an open-source software that allows software engineers to check their organization’s GitHub compliance for free. By utilizing GitHub, a code hosting platform for version control and collaboration, which lets teams work together on projects from anywhere, we provide an open-source suite to help see if your organization is compliant while using GitHub. 

Most start-ups use GitHub as their software development tool in order to develop their product and manage their changes through the software development life cycle (SDLC). It’s important for startups to learn how to configure the GitHub environment to comply with SOC 2 and strengthen the controls and security in the SDLC process.

To build applications more quickly, developers rely on open-source software as a key pillar of modern software development. At the same time, developers are increasingly being tasked to take more responsibility for securing their procedures and staying compliant. Before going on a quest like security compliance, it’s important to have a map. Compliance can often be a complicated task that disrupts employees’ core responsibilities. Therefore, Scytale’s open source can act as a map for developers. 

What is an open-source tool? 

An open-source tool is a software tool that is freely available without a license. Many different kinds of open-source tools allow developers and others to do certain work in programming, maintaining technologies, or other types of technology tasks

To cut a long story short, our open source security compliance tool will allow you to get a quick view of your GitHub compliance status! 

How close are you to security compliance?

Due to the lack of a clear understanding of what each framework requires and how far off our internal processes and systems are from meeting those requirements, it’s difficult to estimate how long the process will take. Each company’s security compliance specifications will look different and as your business expands, the compliance demands become more complex. In other words, businesses need a flexible, responsive process, based on the most suitable technology, to ensure they remain compliant as technical and regulatory demands change.

However, with our open source security compliance software, companies can now get an immediate and accurate view into their compliance and security systems, that will tell how far they are from being completely secure and compliant. When you know nothing about your security systems and processes, jumping into security frameworks, like SOC 2, ISO 27001, or HIPAA can be intimidating. 

Checking your security compliance on GitHub.

Empowering compliance seekers 

Imagine being able to assess your systems and check immediately whether you are close or far from being audit ready. This way, you would give yourself time to prepare and get some answers before even beginning the process. Our mission at Scytale is to boost world-class security compliance tools for entrepreneurs, startups, and security teams. Developers and engineers can make use of our open source tool to get an overview of the company’s cloud infrastructure so they know what to expect once they embark on SOC 2, ISO 27001, HIPAA or other security frameworks.

In that, we are calling on all::

  • CTOs 
  • R&D  
  • CISO
  • Security manager
  • Compliance manager, 
  • Security engineers 
  • Software developers

To take a look at our open source security compliance tool!

Get started! 

As an organization that prides itself in helping SaaS companies become compliant through automation, we understand that jumping into compliance frameworks, like SOC 2, ISO 27001, and HIPAA can be similar to entering a lion’s den…daunting. This can be especially intimidating when you have literally no idea regarding the status of your cloud infrastructure, source code, and CI/CD compliance and processes. So if you happen to be a software engineer in charge of your organization’s security and compliance, you may want to try out our open source compliance tool to gauge your compliance status.

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