on-premise integration

Scytale Announces On-Premise Integration: Compliance Automation for Every Company

Mor Avni

Product Manager

Summary: Scytale now supports on-premise environments, enabling companies of all types to streamline their compliance processes efficiently.

Scytale announces the expansion of their compliance automation platform to support on-premise environments, enabling companies of all types to streamline their compliance processes efficiently.

New York, NY, June 10, 2024

Scytale is excited to share a significant milestone that marks a new era in the world of compliance automation. Since inception, Scytale has been on a mission to streamline and simplify the compliance process for tech startups and modern businesses, primarily those leveraging cloud-native infrastructure. Scytale’s platform has been a cornerstone for companies aiming to achieve and maintain standards like SOC 2, ISO 27001, GDPR, and many more, eliminating the manual and tedious efforts traditionally associated with compliance. Today, Scytale is thrilled to announce an expansion of capabilities to support on-premise environments.

Bridging the Gap Between Cloud and On-Prem Environments

In the fast-paced world of technology, cloud-native infrastructure has become the norm, especially for tech startups. However, Scytale recognizes that not all companies operate on the cloud, as many established and traditional businesses have their roots and operations in their own data centers and local networks. Scytale wanted to enable companies with this ‘traditional’ infrastructure to also automate evidence collection and testing for their security and privacy audits and streamline their compliance checks.

Scytale’s goal is clear: to ensure that their cutting-edge compliance automation solutions are accessible to all companies, regardless of their technological infrastructure. This new development means Scytale can now pull data from both cloud-native applications and those residing in on-premise environments.

A Future Without Boundaries

By extending the platform to support on-premise environments, Scytale is now uniquely positioned to serve not only tech companies but all sectors. Scytale is bringing the future of compliance automation to traditional industries, helping them navigate the complexities of various frameworks without the cumbersome manual efforts previously required.

Compliance Automation for Everyone!

At the heart of Scytale is the mission to make the journey toward compliance as smooth and straightforward as possible, regardless of whether companies are on the cloud-native or on-prem side of the business landscape.

The new on-premise integration symbolizes Scytale’s commitment to inclusivity in the tech landscape, opening doors for all companies to benefit from compliance automation solutions. Whether a tech startup or a traditional company with decades of history, Scytale is dedicated to making the compliance process efficient, automated, and hassle-free.