5 best saas conferences 2024

The 5 Best SaaS Conferences in 2024

Lauren Blanc

Marketing Manager


In the whirlwind world of SaaS, staying in the loop isn’t just nice — it’s necessary. And what better way to do that than diving into the heart of where innovation, wisdom, and connections come together? Yes, we’re talking about conferences!

As we look towards 2024, there are a few events that stand out as must-visits. Before we walk you through some of the best SaaS conferences that are absolutely worth circling on your calendar this year, let’s chat about why these events are more than just listening to keynote speeches.

Why Attend SaaS Conferences?

SaaS conferences are the living, breathing core of the SaaS community. Here, amidst exciting conversations and the clinking of coffee cups, you’ll find inspiration, innovation, and insight in overflow. It’s where challenges meet solutions, questions find answers, and connections spark opportunities.

For the ‘Aha!’ Moments

Ever had one of those moments in business when a concept suddenly clicks, and you wonder how you ever saw things differently? SaaS conferences are the perfect environment for these breakthroughs. Perhaps it’s a new approach to customer success, an exciting marketing strategy, or a tech solution that could rescue you from spending hundreds of hours on audits and data compliance tasks (hint hint: we’ve got you covered on this one). 

Networking That’s Actually Fun

Imagine finding your next partner or investor over coffee, or a mentor in a workshop. Maybe it’s a chance encounter with someone who just gets the challenge you’ve been tackling for months. The point is, networking at these events isn’t just about building a list of contacts — it’s about becoming part of a community. This community becomes a source of support and advice, with expert teams and their solutions ready to lend a helping hand when you come across new challenges. And in return, you’ve got just the solution to fix their problems too. 

To Watch Innovation in Action

There’s something about seeing new technology or strategy in action that beats any product demo video hands down. Conferences offer the chance to witness innovation firsthand, to touch it, question it, and see how it might fit into your world. It’s also a golden opportunity to meet the brains behind the brilliance, offering insights that could spark your next big idea.

List of Conferences to Attend for SaaS Founders

1. EU Startups Summit

The EU Startups Summit is a key event for both aspiring entrepreneurs and established leaders in the European SaaS sector. This B2B SaaS conference focuses on growth strategies, funding, and scaling in this competitive domain. Drawing over 2,000 attendees including founders, investors, and media from across Europe, it provides extensive networking opportunities. The event highlights include fireside chats with successful founders, insightful keynotes, and a pitch competition featuring Europe’s top startup teams selected from a large pool of applicants. (Startups, make sure to also check out other startup conferences here.)

When and where: 9-10 May at the Conference Centre in Valletta, Malta

Why you should attend: Expect to engage with those who’ve navigated the startup journey from ground zero to peak success, sharing their unfiltered stories and strategies.

2. SaaStock

SaaStock is where growth strategies are not just discussed — they’re dissected, debated, and delivered hot. It’s a global congregation eager to decode the SaaS growth code, and guess what? You’re invited. With an anticipated attendance of 6,000 participants, SaaS Stock offers a golden opportunity for entrepreneurs to showcase their solutions to one of Europe’s largest gatherings of SaaS decision-makers.

When and where: 14-16 October at the Royal Dublin Society in Dublin, Ireland

Why you should attend: Whether it’s customer acquisition, cracking the code on international expansion, or navigating the SaaS financial maze, this is the place where growth challenges meet their solution match.

3. SaaStr

SaaStr stands out for its focus on the strategic elements driving SaaS business success. It’s not just about the big ideas; it’s about the detailed execution that separates the winners from the rest. This event delves into the nitty-gritty of operational excellence, product innovation, and market positioning. With an impressive lineup of 13,000 Cloud and SaaS founders, venture capitalists, and executives, SaaStr Annual is the ultimate gathering for those seeking to scale faster, with less stress and more success. 

When and where: 10-12 September at the San Mateo County Events Center in San Francisco, United States

Why you should attend: If you’re looking to sharpen your strategic edge, dive into product innovation, or simply outsmart the competition, SaaStr is where those secrets are shared.

4. Cybertech Global Tel Aviv 

In an era where digital security is non-negotiable, Cybertech Global stands as the premier conference focusing on the intersection of SaaS and cybersecurity. Attendees gain critical insights into protecting their assets, data, and customer trust in an increasingly vulnerable digital landscape. Featuring top executives and decision-makers from various sectors, including critical infrastructure, insurance, retail, healthcare, government, defense, R&D, manufacturing, and automotive, Cybertech events offer fantastic networking opportunities for multinational corporations, SaaS startups, investors, and experts in the field.

When and where: 8-10 April at the Expo Tel Aviv in Tel Aviv, Israel

Why you should attend: This conference is a fantastic event for SaaS businesses looking to boost their cybersecurity measures. From emerging threats to compliance and privacy regulations, Cybertech covers the essential bases of SaaS security.

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5. Dublin Tech Summit (DTS) 

Dublin, with its vibrant tech scene and dynamic community, plays host to another one of the most anticipated events in the tech calendar: the Dublin Tech Summit (DTS). DTS attracts tech enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, and industry leaders eager to explore the latest in technology, including the growing field of SaaS. With more than 8000 attendees, 200 international speakers, and 150 startups, DTS promises to be a vibrant gathering showcasing the forefront of tech innovation.

When and where: 29-30 May at the Royal Dublin Society in Dublin, Ireland

Why you should attend: DTS celebrates the transformative power of technology, uniting both startups and tech giants alike to showcase the tech ecosystem’s diversity. For SaaS professionals, it offers unique insights into how technology continues to reshape business, society, and everyday life.

Getting the Most Out of SaaS Conferences

Attending SaaS conferences can be incredibly rewarding, but without a clear plan of action, you might find yourself overwhelmed and unsure of where to focus your energy. Know what you’re after — be it insights, connections, or solutions. And remember, the best networking opportunities often happen in the hallways, over coffee, or underwinding at post-conference events. So, don’t shy away from sparking up conversations.


Securing Your (Compliance) Path 

The worries of security and compliance shouldn’t deter you from seizing the opportunities for valuable insights, networking, and thought leadership that conferences offer. Scytale enables SaaS companies to achieve compliance up to 90% quicker, ensuring that risk monitoring and the implementation of optimal strategies happen seamlessly in the background.

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