To Comply or Not to Comply: GDPR Guidelines for Startups

We’ve all heard about the EU regulation GDPR, but what exactly is GDPR? And more importantly, does your company need to comply?

This webinar will leave you with a solid understanding of GDPR essentials, practical steps for achieving compliance, and insights into leveraging compliance as a strategic advantage.

Tailored for the startup community, this session is your opportunity to demystify GDPR compliance and ensure your business is on the right track.


Tracy Boyes, Data Protection & Privacy Expert at Scytale
Wouter Sliedrecht, President at Kor Financial

Summary of the Webinar

In this webinar on GDPR compliance for startups, Scytale’s Compliance Success Manager, Tracy Boyes, and Wouter Sliedrecht, President at Kor Financial, discussed the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and its application to startups. The GDPR is a European regulation that applies to any company processing the data of EU citizens, regardless of location. It has strict privacy laws and fines, so startups should consider privacy by design from the beginning. Tracy and Wouter discuss how achieving compliance involves a combination of human expertise and technology.