How Scytale’s SOC 2 Audit Management Helped PayEm Remove Sales Roadblocks

PayEm allows finance teams around the globe to manage, automate and connect finance processes all within their holistic spend and procurement platform.
Omer Rimoch
CTO, PayEm

Scytale exceeded our expectations. We continued operating as normal during our audit preparation. Our SOC 2 workflows were super organized, which made it the smoothest process we could have asked for. Scytale is the perfect combination of technology and advisory.


Customers demanding a SOC 2 report

PayEm’s customers and prospects’ security teams started asking to see their SOC 2 report before doing business, and their inability to demonstrate SOC 2 compliance presented a major barrier to sales.

Overwhelming and foreign SOC 2 process

The PayEm team knew they were not going to be able to handle their SOC 2 audit on their own as they didn’t have any prior SOC 2 experience, so they went looking for the right experts to guide them through the process.

Maintaining business as usual

PayEm CTO, Omer Rimoch, was aware of the time-consuming and tedious preparation processes associated with SOC 2, and was concerned about this interfering with their business goals.

Ensuring security oversight across organization

While PayEm takes every measure to ensure the security of its customers’ financial data, there were a few blind spots regarding HR best practices and internal operations. There needed to be robust security practices across the organization.

THE solution

Huge time savings

As a startup in hyper growth mode, it is crucial for PayEm to ensure day-to-day operations are uninterrupted. Scytale enabled PayEm to continue work as normal and saved the organization countless hours that would have been spent on evidence collection and monitoring had they opted to do it alone.

An organized and guided process

The process was extremely clear and organized from start to finish. Scytale guided the team through every step of the compliance process, and advised on all the necessary tasks to be completed and which items should be collected, in order to be audit-ready. Some preparation support that stood out for PayEm included advice on vendors’ risk assessments, correct policies and procedures, user access review and the internal audit.

Technology plus advisory

PayEm enjoyed tracking and managing SOC 2 workflows within the automated compliance platform, as well as the expert guidance throughout the entire SOC 2 process.


End results