ISO 27001 for Startups

The Ultimate Handbook for SaaS Companies

ISO 27001 is vital to scale your startup and is ultimately, a launchpad to securing sales and ensuring your security posture is in line with industry standards. But what happens when customers are requesting your ISO 27001 certification and your team is running in circles unsure exactly where to start? We get it - as a fresh startup, it's a resource-intensive project to tackle, with its endless requirements and confusing jargon.

This eBook unlocks the crux of ISO 27001 certification, especially made for SaaS startups new to the ISO 27001 scene.

ISO 27001 for startups eBook

What's inside:

  • Everything you need to know about ISO 27001, tailored for startups new to the security compliance game.
  • How ISO 27001 can turbocharge your growth, being your ticket to sign deals faster and enter global markets.
  • Get actionable strategies to common startup challenges when facing ISO 27001, like lack of resources and expertise.
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