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#4 The Cloutier Chronicles: From Chasing bad Guys to Becoming the GCSO of TikTok!

Summary of the Podcast

Roland Cloutier is an experienced cybersecurity expert with over 20 years of experience in security, risk, privacy and compliance. He has held positions like Global Security Officer at TikTok and served in the US Air Force and Department of Veterans Affairs. Roland enjoys working in compliance and sees it as ensuring the proper controls and operations are in place to protect businesses. 

He believes automation can help make compliance more effective and efficient. It can identify unnecessary controls, reduce manual work, and provide continuous assurance. Automation also increases trustworthiness by removing human factors. Roland has worked on various compliance initiatives during his career like PCI, GDPR and NYDFS, which helped shape his views on compliance.  

Culture and context are important aspects to consider when implementing compliance programs globally. Local business security officers can help navigate the cultural differences. In the future, Roland sees compliance becoming more integrated into daily operations through technologies like automation. 

Compliance could even be renamed to the “trust organization” as it provides assurance and trustworthiness. In summary, Roland believes compliance professionals play an important role in making the world a safer and more trustworthy place through their work.

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