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#13 Breaking Down Misconceptions About Security Audits: Insights from an EY Auditor

Summary of the Podcast

In this episode of Comply or Die, host Kyle Morris and Tali Simhayev, an experienced IT consultant and EY Israel auditor, talk about the personalization of audit processes.  They also debunk misconceptions about auditing and auditors and discuss the impact of AI and automation technology on the compliance landscape.

Kyle Morris and Tali Simhayev get into all things auditing, including:

  • The importance of building a personal touch and professional relationship with customers in the auditing process.
  • Debunking the misconception that auditing is a terrifying process and highlighting the cooperation between auditors and clients.
  • The significant impact of technology and automation on making the auditing process more efficient, saving time, and centralizing the process.

If auditors make you nervous, or audits give you cold sweats, this episode is for you! 

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