Exciting Integration Updates, Automated Evidence Features and Security Compliance Management!

July 28, 2022

In our June product updates, we launched tons of new additions and improvements to our compliance automation tool, relating to new integrations, improved evidence and task management and automated risk assessments.

Let’s take a look at the exciting updates to our SOC 2 and ISO 27001 automation tool that happened in July. Every update and new feature we build aims to transform manual compliance into an automated and streamlined workflow and allowing our customers to easily manage all their compliance tasks in a centralized and collaborative environment.

Integration updates boosting more compliance automation

Last month, we announced a bunch  of new integrations including Comeet, ClickUp, Zendesk, Microsoft 365 and Azure Active Directory, just to name a few. This month, there are exciting updates to key integrations, as well as a popular new integration!

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) integration is completed

3 new GCP integrations are now live, and Scytale is now fully integrated with all of GCP services:

  • GCP Storage
  • GCP Compute Engine

AWS update: connect to each AWS service 

Customers will now be able to connect only to the AWS services that they use, and each service connection will be managed separately, allowing a more customized integration for each customer. These AWS services include:

  • AWS EC2
  • AWS Config

Bitbucket is live!

New evidence-related features, simplifying your information security compliance

Evidence statuses

In our May Product Updates, we spoke about evidence being broken down into categories, making evidence collection organized and easy to track. This month there are some new additions. You can now monitor the status in each one of those categories between ‘healthy’ and ‘flagged’ (good and bad), as well as track the total number of healthy and flagged evidence tasks for your organization. For example, open tasks, such as incomplete evidence collection, will be marked as ‘flagged’ evidence. Additionally, you can get a ‘tip’ when hovering over the status icon, so customers can understand what action needs to be taken to resolve ‘flagged’ evidence. This feature ensures task owners do not miss any evidence-related tasks that need urgent action and can easily monitor the status of their project.

Understand which tools need to be connected for automatic evidence collection

Evidence collection is the core of SOC 2 and ISO 27001 compliance and therefore, our ultimate goal is to help our customers understand exactly what evidence needs to be collected and how to collect it. This is why we added a super helpful addition where the relevant integration icon is listed next to each control, allowing the user to connect to the correct evidence (with the relevant integration) and let it be collected automatically.

Filter evidence by integration

This exciting new feature allows our customers to see which controls and relevant evidence apply to each of their integration tools, as well as find the evidence collected under each integration. For example, if a customer uses Google Workspace and filters their evidence by this integration, they will see that controls (and relevant evidence) relating to Access Control and Human Resources are being automatically collected and monitored by this particular integration. We built this feature so our customers can have a simple breakdown of all their evidence, easily navigate through their controls and improve their monitoring ability.

Stay ahead of all your security compliance tasks!

We have made changes to the display of all tasks by grouping the types of tasks in their relevant category. For example, all tasks relating to ‘enabling a strong password policy’ will be under this category. This new display allows our customers to have a shorter and more organized list of tasks, making them more manageable and easy to monitor. Additionally, the task management screen is now sorted by priority (such as ‘urgent’) and deadline, making sure everyone is on top of their responsibilities, ensuring a smooth-sailing process. This new display allows our customers to have a shorter and more organized list of tasks, making them more manageable and easy to monitor.

Be sure to stay informed of all our new product updates and additions, making compliance smarter and faster by the day. If you want to learn about first-hand experiences of working with our compliance automation tool, hear it straight from our customers!