Integrate All Your Tools and Manage all Your SOC 2 and ISO 27001 Controls with Smart Compliance Automation!

July 7, 2022

Last month we released the latest product updates and this month we are doing the same with more exciting additions, making all the difference to your compliance project. Everything we do is with the purpose of making your SOC 2 or ISO 27001 compliance as effortless, efficient and time-effective as possible.

So let’s take a look at what June had to offer!

More integrations under our belt!

In May, we announced the addition of 3 more plugins – MongoDB, GitLab and GCP IAM, and this month we are adding more integrations to further streamline the compliance process. June was definitely the month of integrations! The more tools our customers can integrate with, the more automated evidence collection and 24/7 compliance monitoring they can enjoy, and the more we are living up to our mission of complete compliance automation! 

So let’s break down all the new tools you can integrate with Scytale:

HR integrations:

Task management integrations:

Customer support integrations:

Productivity cloud:

Identity management:

It’s all about evidence!

Deactivate evidence 

Our ultimate goal is to create the best user experience when getting ready for your SOC 2 or ISO 27001 audit, through easy-to-follow task management and streamlined evidence collection. That is why our new evidence deactivation function was built, allowing our customers to disable the evidence in a specific control that isn’t relevant to their business operations. The real benefit here is that the tasks that are connected to that particular evidence will be removed and our customers get to experience a more customized audit preparation process, only completing the work that is absolutely necessary for them. This is because they will only monitor tasks in their Scytale app that are relevant specifically to their audit, as well as understand that all tasks listed there are relevant and important to complete.

Evidence in multiple audits

If you are in the midst of multiple audits, evidence can become a little tricky as the amount of evidence grows. Good news is that many times there are overlaps in audits, using the same evidence in both audits. The goal of our new functionality allows you to collect certain evidence only once and it will then automatically be connected everywhere it is relevant in different audits, avoiding double work. The user also has control over this by being able to ‘hide’ and ‘show’ any evidence. 

Smarter task management  

We are always looking for more ways, big or small, to make managing your SOC 2 or ISO 27001 compliance smooth-sailing. And that is why we built an updated task management functionality that automatically assigns the relevant owner to a task. For example, let’s say the piece of evidence that needs to be collected is ‘board meeting minutes’ and that task is assigned to the office manager. Thereafter, if a task is created under the ‘board meeting minutes’ evidence, it is automatically assigned to the office manager. This allows customers to complete tasks quicker and understand what to do and who must do it all within the tool.

Assess your risks effortlessly!

Take a look at our risk assessment feature, where you can learn all about automated risk assessments. Now, there is an additional functionality where customers can add or remove any specific risks relevant to their organization. Once deleting the risk from the risk assessment table, the associated questions from the security questionnaire will be removed, including any associated tasks, ensuring you don’t do any unnecessary work and enjoy customized compliance.

Be sure to stay informed of all our new product updates and additions, making compliance smarter and faster by the day. If you want to learn about first-hand experiences of working with our compliance automation tool, hear it straight from our customers!