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Top CISO Communities to Join in 2024

Talia Baxter

Senior Marketing Manager

Summary: CISO communities are available around the world for cybersecurity leaders to collaborate with other professionals. 

If you are a cybersecurity leader for your organization, it can sometimes seem like a daunting task to take on alone. Having the responsibility to understand an ever-evolving cybersecurity threat landscape from both inside your organization and the outside is very demanding and requires continuously monitored security. However, cybersecurity threats are not unique to just one organization, every organization that utilizes electronics faces these threats, which is why CISO communities have been formed. CISO communities are available around the world for cybersecurity leaders so that they can meet with other professionals who face similar challenges in their positions in order to collaborate and find solutions. 

What is a CISO Community?

A CISO’s job is to identify and analyze threats within the field of cyber security through the use of critical thinking. Most of the time these threats are continuously evolving, and the best way to tackle these problems is through collaboration and information sharing with other intelligent cyber security professionals. CISO communities allow for this collaboration to be accomplished on a global scale by providing a space for like minded individuals who are leaders in cybersecurity to come together, forming a community.

The Benefits of Joining a CISO Community

CISO communities provide the opportunity for professionals who are cybersecurity leaders to participate in gatherings that offer in-depth discussions, collaboration, and networking with your fellow peers. Being a part of a CISO community will allow you to exchange ideas and strategies with other CISO’s and learn about how they approach similar challenges within their organizations.    

Cybersecurity leaders can participate in events hosted by their CISO to gain insight from industry experts, participate in panel discussions, and collaborate with one another to find the solutions to the common challenges each member is facing. Each community provides the opportunity for international information sharing and various CISO developed tools and resources. No one working in the field of cybersecurity has all of the answers, and so having the opportunity to collaborate with like minded individuals is invaluable. 

CISO communities can inspire individuals with new ideas and insights into the world of cybersecurity through intelligence sharing in order to fight continuously growing and evolving cybersecurity threats. Learning from experienced members in CISO communities on proven best practices along with new perspectives allows each individual from the community to deepen their understanding of cybersecurity and how to ensure that their organization’s cybersecurity remains as strong as possible. 

The Top CISO Communities to Join Today 

Once you have decided to become a member of a CISO community in order to learn from mentors and share your knowledge with others, the question then becomes which CISO community should you join, and which community is the right one for you. 

Cybersecurity Collaboration Forum

The Cybersecurity Collaboration Forum is an invitation- only CISO community for cybersecurity experts. Experts interested in becoming a part of this CISO community should be invested in knowledge sharing, collaboration, and education. The Cybersecurity Collaboration Forum is an excellent space for experienced cybersecurity professionals due to its numerous live and digital events. Curriculum developed by CISOs, local community building, leadership training, and personal brand building are all some of the various benefits offered by being a member of the Cybersecurity Collaboration Forum community.

Global CISO Forum

Global CISO Forum is open to cyber security professionals from around the world who are open to sharing their real life skills and learning from other cybersecurity professionals. This community also offers its members many global events at no cost. Additionally, the GLOBAL CISO FORUM offers its members chapter based programming to enhance their skills and build upon their local network. As a member you will gain access to ResourcesCareer central that provides job listings and postings along with other helpful resources. Another added benefit of being a member of GLOBAL CISO FORUM is that you will receive access to publications TITANS along with links to white papers.


Evanta provides a unique experience regarding their CISO communities. As a CISO you are able to become a member of a smaller local community from a variety of places listed on their website, and you can also become a member of their global CISO community. Evanta has 33 communities with 3,500 CISO’s of which 83 percent come from fortune 100 companies. By becoming a member in this community you are able to connect with other security leaders in your area and learn about their diverse experiences and backgrounds. Evanta offers its members the ability to participate in year-round gatherings to exchange peer-validated solutions and make new connections. You can join discussions surrounding the most critical issues facing both CISOs and the cybercommunity today. 

CISO Platform 

CISO platform is a global CISO community with over 5,000 senior security executives and over 40,000 subscribers, all of whom participate in meaningful collaboration, knowledge, and intelligence sharing in order to fight the threats facing cybersecurity. The CISO Platform hosts numerous informative webinars and podcasts that its members can listen to, as well as blogs about various topics in the field of security compliance that its community members can read and learn from. This platform is an excellent source of information for CISOs to gain more insight into cybersecurity. 


Building Your Community

Joining a CISO community can clearly have many valuable benefits for both CISOs and their organizations. Collaboration is vital in any professional position and these CISO communities are an easy way for CISOs from around the world to work together and learn from one another. 

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