How Deel Took Their Information Security Compliance To The Next Level With Scytale

Deel is the leader in payroll and compliance automation for international teams, helping thousands of companies across the globe streamline hiring, contracts, compliance and payments. Established in 2019, Deel entered unicorn territory in 2021.


Deel wanted to double down on ensuring customer data protection by complying with the globally-recognized information security standard, SOC 2. Getting SOC 2 compliant was a way to elevate trust with their customers and prospects, as well as advance their security across all areas, including HR, operations and systems. Deel knew that SOC 2 would demand an enormous amount of preparation, dedication and time from their team, and so, in order to ensure that day-to-day work process could continue running as usual and that company growth would not be negatively affected, they turned to Scytale to help them streamline the SOC 2 compliance process.

Preparing for our SOC 2 audit was smooth sailing with Scytale. They helped us streamline the entire SOC 2 process by providing us with expert knowledge and technology to maintain indestructible security systems and protocols. They shared valuable insights about our current security posture as well as best ongoing practices for our data security systems to help us better protect our customers’ confidential data and keep our systems performing properly.

Yaron Lavi

CTO, Deel


Preparation support

The combination of Scytale’s automated SOC 2 compliance platform and dedicated team of experts assisted with all SOC 2 preparation and ensured all action items were completed, sufficient and collected. This included an in-depth gap analysis, vendors risk assessment, employee security awareness training, ensuring correct policies and procedures are in order, internal audit, and more.

Reducing the SOC 2 burden

SOC 2 workloads were all consolidated in Scytale’s audit management technology, and being able to track tasks and workflow statuses reduced the burden significantly for Deel. Partnering with SOC 2 specialists, with the expertise and technology to reduce the cumbersome workloads, made the compliance process super easy and significantly quicker than expected.

Letting technology drive compliance

Scytale’s automated SOC 2 compliance platform accelerated Deel’s SOC 2 readiness big time. Not having to manually collect and organize evidence and other documentation, saved them tons of time and energy, and made the compliance process totally painless.


Tailored advisory

Scytale took the time to gain a thorough understanding of Deel’s operations, customers, and specific compliance needs, which guaranteed tailored service from day one. Additionally, frequent meetings with stakeholders ensured the Deel team had the support and guidance needed through every step of the SOC 2 process. This was hugely valuable to Deel.

Customized controls

Scytale advised Deel on which Trust Services Criteria should be covered for their business, and helped tailor and implement management-designed controls specific to their infrastructure, software, process, people, and data. This helped tremendously in making the SOC 2 process focused specifically on their organization’s operations.

Masters of SOC 2

Deel understood that the SOC 2 process could be very complicated. Partnering with experts not only allowed Deel to achieve SOC 2 compliance with ease, but also expanded their knowledge on best information security practices and procedures to take their compliance to the next level. Deel improved their overall security and learnt how to maintain this norm consistently. By the end of the official SOC 2 audit, Deel had gained in-depth learning and insights about their security systems and became SOC 2 masters.


Receiving valuable insights regarding managing InfoSec compliance for employees in more than 30 countries.

Improved overall security presence with first-class safeguards and procedures in place.

Ability to demonstrate ongoing and high-level security commitment to customers and prospects, as well as maintain customer trust.

Unlocking and accelerating more sales, as well as closing deals faster due to the impact of meeting SOC 2 standards and proof from the official report.

Huge time savings, zero disruption to daily business operations.

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