Scytale’s Multi-Framework Cross-Mapping: Your Shortcut to a Complete Compliance Program

April 22, 2024

In the world of compliance, where the landscape is as diverse as it is complex, companies often find themselves facing not just one, but multiple frameworks. From SOC 2 and ISO 27001 to GDPR and many more, each framework brings its unique set of requirements to the table. But with our Multi-Framework Cross-Mapping, fast-moving companies can implement and manage multiple security and privacy frameworks without all the unnecessary redundant work – and without the headache.


Understanding Multi-Framework Cross-Mapping

Let’s break it down simply. Imagine you’re playing several games of dominoes simultaneously, and you discover that some pieces can be played in more than one game. That’s the essence of our Multi-Framework Cross-Mapping. Scytale identifies the commonalities – also known as crosswalks – across different compliance frameworks, and maps these overlaps, ensuring that when evidence and documentation is collected for a specific control, it’s automatically collected for other applicable frameworks too.

Here’s a very common scenario: If your organization is already compliant in SOC 2 and has decided to pursue ISO 27001 too, these 2 frameworks have many overlapping controls, and the good news? You won’t need to do the same work twice, as you’ll be able to leverage the controls you’ve already implemented for your SOC 2 report, for your ISO 27001 certification too. This same scenario can be applied to many different frameworks, say GDPR and CCPA, SOC 2 and HIPAA, etc. 

Compliance Should Support Your Growth and Security, Not Hinder It

While it’s clear that our Multi-Framework Cross-Mapping saves significant time and effort, the benefits run even deeper:

No More Duplicate Work: By eliminating the need to address the same compliance requirement multiple times for different frameworks, companies can focus their resources more effectively.

Comprehensive Visibility:  For companies juggling compliance with multiple frameworks, it can feel very overwhelming, confusing and even disorganized. Our platform enables you to implement and maintain your entire compliance program holistically and gain a bird’s-eye view of your compliance posture across multiple frameworks, making continuous compliance less susceptible to oversight.

More Compliance Frameworks Under Your Belt, Quicker: Our multi-framework mapping means you can demonstrate compliance with more frameworks requested by your customers in a quicker time frame, preventing delayed sales cycles.

Don’t Just Get Compliant, Get Smart About Compliance

We understand the pressures businesses face and so, our technology and people don’t only save time but also provide the peace of mind that your compliance program is comprehensive, robust, and continuously monitored.

Our approach is about more than just checking boxes; it’s about creating a seamless and integrated compliance process that supports your business objectives. We’re committed to transforming the compliance landscape from a tangled web of complexities into a completely simplified system that simply, just works.