Legit Security Leverages Scytale’s Compliance Automation and Saves Months on Their Sales Cycles


Legit Security is a cyber security company offering a SaaS-based solution that secures an organization’s software supply chain to prevent sensitive data leaks and insecure software releases.

  • Liav Caspi CTO and Co-Founder, Legit Security

    Between automation technology and compliance advisory, Scytale got us SOC 2 compliant in a way we could not have done by ourselves - fast, automated and efficient!


Proving security compliance to close enterprise deals

Legit Security also targets enterprise customers that are in highly regulated industries, such as finance and pharmaceuticals and therefore they knew they had to demonstrate information security compliance as soon as possible, as they integrate with these customers’ sensitive data.

Meeting demanding customer requirements

The first interaction with potential customers nearly always involved security questionnaires and requesting a copy of Legit Security’s SOC 2 report. Therefore, before they had their SOC 2 report, it took longer to close a deal due to harder security assessments. Potential customers also signed with Legit Security on condition that they get SOC 2 compliant fast. So it is safe to say, It was a major blockade for business growth.

Very limited SOC 2 knowledge

Liav Caspi, Legit Security Co-Founder and CTO, and his co-founders have never led a SOC 2 project before and did not speak the complex compliance language of auditors. They did not know how to translate SOC 2 requirements into actionable tasks, leading to the need for expert SOC 2 advice, as without it, there would be potential for mistakes and wasted time.


Exceptional SOC 2 advisory

Scytale’s compliance team provided Legit Security with all the expert advice and support that they needed, directing them through every step of the preparation process, ensuring that they were fully prepared for their official audit.

Everything needed for SOC 2 from A to Z

Scytale helped Legit Security with all the deliverables required by SOC 2, including getting up to speed with the right policies and procedures, a thorough gap analysis and a security controls list customized to their operations.

Ensuring robust security posture

Legit Security invested in SOC 2 compliance early with Scytale and as a result, they have ensured that they have best policies, procedures and security systems in place and therefore, a more resilient security environment.


End results