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The perfect advisory solution for SaaS companies tired of the burden of SOC 2 compliance ownership

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Compliance Architects Advisory

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Our team manages the entire audit process for our customers

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SOC 2 without Scytale

Manual and time-consuming. Without Scytale you will enjoy the dubious pleasures of endless admin, loads of file transfers, circular meetings, back-and-forth emails, and fragmented workloads that add months to your SOC 2 journey.

SOC 2 with Scytale

Automated and 90% faster. With Scytale SOC 2 readiness just ‘happens’. Evidence collects itself, policy and controls take shape, risk is monitored 24/7, SOC 2 obstacles crumble and your compliance program comes into view in days.

Getting Started

Scytale gets you off the starting line. We will run a deep gap analysis to ID & remedy compliance holes.

Getting Ready

We’ll collaborate closely on preparing you with everything you need and work together throughout the process.

Platform Concierge

Once you’re ready, enjoy full, Scytale SOC 2 continuity. We are here for any SOC 2 speedbumps along the way, compliance advice and support.

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