When it comes to most cloud based companies, taking your company’s compliance to the next level often requires the help of unsung superheroes.

This podcast aims to cover the hottest topics in the Cyber world with special guests in the form of movers and shakers in the information security world.

In each episode we will deep dive into the world and minds of Cyber professionals.

Episode 3- Patrick Henz

Patrick Henz started his career in the Corporate Information Office and Compliance at the end of 2007, when he was responsible for the implementation of the Siemens Anti-Corruption program in Mexico and several Central American and Caribbean countries.

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Episode 2 – Dave Hatter

Dave Hatter’s one to Dave Hatter is an award-winning technology professional and Cincinnati’s top cyber security pro, who has done hundreds of on-air interviews as a subject matter expert and serves as Intrust’s cyber security consultant.

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