New Framework Alert: Automate SOC 1 Compliance in Scytale!

November 21, 2022

We are so thrilled to be assisting more and more companies reach their respective compliance goals with our automation tool! Not too long ago, we added HIPAA compliance under our framework belt, alongside SOC 2 and ISO 27001, and today, we are over the moon that our customers can now streamline their SOC 1 compliance with Scytale! 

This means implementing all necessary policies, mitigating any risks, automated evidence collection, 24/7 control monitoring, security awareness training and all other requirements needed to knock your SOC 1 audit out of the park! 

Already SOC 2 compliant? Good news for you! Not only will you get a fully customized scope of SOC 1 controls, but also leverage any common IT general controls that will be automatically mapped from your SOC 2 audit, saving you a great deal of time, effort and resources. 


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Store or process customers’ financial data? SOC 1 could be for you!

So what exactly is SOC 1 and who needs the report? In short, SOC 1 compliance addresses a service organization’s internal controls over financial reporting.

A SOC 1 report demonstrates that your organization has the necessary IT general controls and business process controls in place to protect customers’ valuable financial data, in the opinion of a credible auditor. 

In summary, if the way your organization stores, holds or processes customer data has the potential to impact their financial reporting, SOC 1 is for you! 

Tired of technical and lengthy SOC 1 processes?

SOC 1 compliance has a reputation for being quite technical and complex with lengthy requirements, which makes taking on this compliance process very difficult for organizations, especially growing startups!

Automating SOC 1 compliance with Scytale means an end-to-end solution, simplifying the audit-readiness process by managing all workflows in one place and automatically collecting evidence. Our compliance automation means you can focus on your day-to-day responsibilities and growing your business, while your security compliance is in the hands of our smart tool and dedicated compliance experts.