Scytale's vendor risk management

Scytale’s Automated Vendor Risk Management Ensures a Seamless Process for Managing Vendors

Mor Avni

Product Manager

Summary: Scytale’s Automated Vendor Risk Management ensures your vendors adhere to top data security practices to maintain compliance standards.

Scytale’s Vendor Risk Management ensures your vendors adhere to top data security practices to maintain compliance standards through automated continuous monitoring and advanced risk management. 

Scytale understands that risk management is a critical, yet complex, component of maintaining a secure and compliant organization, which is why they’re excited to announce the latest addition to their suite of compliance automation features: Vendor Risk Management. This new feature demonstrates Scytale’s commitment to simplifying and centralizing the entire compliance process for SaaS companies, ensuring that they can leave all the moving parts of their compliance processes to Scytale.

What Scytale’s Vendor Risk Management Feature Means for Their Customers

A Complete Compliance Hub for SaaS Companies

This feature is a significant milestone in Scytale’s ongoing mission to be the all-in-one compliance hub, offering a comprehensive and simplified solution for monitoring vendor risk levels and conducting risk mapping and assessments. By centralizing and automating these processes, Scytale accelerates their customers’ path to continuous compliance, making it easier than ever to meet and maintain industry standards and regulations.


Seamless Vendor Risk Tracking

With the rise of SaaS solutions and the increasing reliance on both physical and cloud vendors, keeping track of all vendors can be daunting. Through Scytale’s automated functionalities, customers will now be able to easily monitor and manage all the risks associated with their vendors in one place and have a clear overview of every vendor, ensuring optimized risk management tailored for today’s SaaS-driven landscape.

Built with Auditors and InfoSec experts for Ultimate Compliance Confidence

Scytale’s Vendor Risk Management feature was crafted in collaboration with auditors, equipping customers with an auditor-approved, expert-backed feature.

Customized for Customers’ Existing Risk Management Practices

Scytale recognizes that every organization has its unique risk assessment workflows and requirements. That’s why Scytale’s Vendor Risk Management feature is designed to be both simple and flexible, adapting to fit customers’ specific needs and ensuring a seamless integration into their existing risk management practices.

Supporting Key Compliance Frameworks.

Scytale’s Vendor Risk Management feature fully supports the requirements of key compliance standards and regulations like SOC 2, ISO 27001, PCI DSS, GDPR and more, ensuring that customers’ vendor risk management practices are not only 100% effective but also in line with global compliance requirements.

Don’t Sweat Over Vendor Risk Management!

In today’s fast-paced digital world, effective risk management is crucial, especially for achieving and maintaining compliance with security and privacy standards and regulations. With the launch of their Vendor Risk Management feature, Scytale continues to pave the way for innovative, user-friendly solutions that make compliance super simple and dramatically faster. Scytale is ready to help customers streamline their risk management processes and secure their vendor ecosystem!