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Adam Cheriki

Co-Founder & CTO,


Entro on Founders Unplugged

What was your first job ever?

My first job was a SW engineer at the IDF.

What’s the background story? How did you start your company and what is your company?

My partner, Itzik, and I are problem solvers. We both know that to solve a  complex problem, you can’t do the same thing or a variation of it over.  What’s needed is pure hard-core innovation. Our journey began while I worked as a software architect at Broadcom, and Itzik was a SRE manager at Microsoft. We encountered a common challenge – a security problem that seemed to be consuming valuable resources without delivering any tangible value to our products or customers. This problem became our driving force, and we were determined to find a solution.

Despite our best efforts, we realized that tackling the issue required a significant amount of manual work and engineering resources, which translated into substantial time and financial costs. This problem, known as the  “Secret Sprawl,” was more than just an inconvenience; it was a persistent threat. Secret targeted attacks have become one of the top three attack vectors and the most devastating to organizations. It was time to find a solution.  

Before launching our company, we embarked on an extensive research journey. We engaged with over 100 Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) to understand how the secrets problem impacted their organizations and what they believed the solution should entail. Armed with this valuable insight, we set out to develop a comprehensive solution and so Entro Security came into the world.

Entro Security is an all-encompassing secrets security platform designed to empower security teams and shield organizations from secret targeted attacks. It connects and integrates seamlessly with all the places where secrets can be found or generated within an organization. By creating a detailed secret inventory with essential context surrounding each secret, Entro enables security teams to swiftly mitigate severe risks and proactively prevent future secret targeted attacks.

A secret is essentially just a string of characters, but without the necessary context, protecting it effectively is virtually impossible. Entro addresses this challenge by enriching each secret with critical information, such as identifying its owner, tracking its access history, defining permissions, determining its capabilities, specifying who can access it, identifying the applications utilizing the secret, and forecasting potential consequences in various scenarios.

In essence, Entro Security is the culmination of our dedication to solving the Secret Sprawl problem, and it represents a revolutionary step forward in enhancing secrets management and cybersecurity for organizations worldwide.

How do you maintain a work-life balance while dealing with the constant challenges and demands of running a startup?

Honestly, this is an equation I have not yet solved. I doubt any Startup founder has. In the first years, you put your heart and soul and every second into your start-up venture,  which can be an extreme roller coaster at times.

What’s your go-to podcast or publication?

There are so many good podcasts and sources of information across various topics. They range from SW development through IT challenges and innovation to leadership and management. ‘TechTarget’ is one great source that covers many topics I find interesting. Another is ‘How I built this’  with Guy Raz


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