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Alexander Tilkin

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Alexander Tilkin
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What was your first job ever?

When I was 15, I spent my summer holiday working at a car repair shop.

What’s the background story? How did you start your company and what is your company?

Complyt is a sales-tax compliance SaaS platform for businesses operating in the United States. I joined Complyt as the CTO a month after its first funding. After a year, I became a Co-Founder and board member to help the business grow, oversee other related aspects besides technology, and build a suitable R&D team to meet the business needs.

Can you provide an example of a situation where security concerns impacted a decision or strategy within your startup?

We rejected multiple potential agreements with service providers either due to a lack of SOC 2 compliance or insufficient proof of security measures.

If relevant, when did you realize compliance was a non-negotiable?

Compliance is the result of exemplary security and privacy implementation. Using a product without protection is like living in an unprotected house.

How do you maintain a work-life balance while dealing with the constant challenges and demands of running a startup?

The relationship between our work and home environments is a two-way street, each affecting the other. Maintaining a healthy home life can bring positive energy to our workplace and improve our relationships. Similarly, a successful career can positively impact our personal lives. I eliminate distractions that take up valuable time, such as social media and unnecessary activities, to optimize my efficiency. However, I also prioritize spending time with loved ones and myself, which helps me stay focused and be better in all aspects of my life.

What’s your go-to podcast or publication?

“All-in”, “Acquired”, and “Ha’zolelet” by Globes.


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