CSA CloudBytes: The Future of Security Compliance for SaaS

SaaS companies today are scrambling to comply with certain security frameworks like AICPA SOC 2, ISO 27001, CSA STAR etc., because demonstrating information security reduces sales barriers, boosts customer trust and increases the protection of sensitive data. But getting compliant is super complicated and eats up loads of time for employees. Moreover, many organizations lack the knowledge and experience required for these frameworks, and have no idea where to begin their compliance journey and how to maintain compliance throughout the year.

Presented by:
Meiran Galis, Scytale
Mikael Yayon, EY
Raz Kotler, PayPal

In this panel we'll discuss:
• The traditional audit process versus the modern audit process
• Why outsourcing compliance to third parties will allow internal resources to be utilized more strategically
• The importance of automating repetitive audit-related tests
• An innovative approach to security compliance that streamlines the entire security audit process
• How to scale your security audit, whether you're a startup or a corporation
• Auditor perspective and future developments